Assistant Professor of Linguistics, USC

I work on semantics, pragmatics, context update, and how they all talk to each other. A perennial obsession: how variation in context update effects can fall out of a uniform treatment of how update potentials are derived from the semantic interpretation of a sentence. Empirical areas where the rubber hits the road: intonational tunes, epistemic modals, imperatives, subjective predicates, and evidentials.

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Intonational Commitments [Draft of September 2020]

Asserting Epistemic Modals [Draft of January 2021]


Assessor-Relativizable Predicates (with Phil Crone). Talk given at Subjectivity in Language and Thought, U Chicago, May 2017. [Handout]

Scalar and Non-Scalar Implicatures of Might and Some. Talk given at CUSP 8, Stanford, November 2015. [Handout]


Rising Above Commitment [PDF]