Assistant Professor of Linguistics, USC

I work on semantics, pragmatics, and what happens when they meet.

I'm extremely contactable:

My Spring 2019 office hours are Wednesdays, 1-3:30 in GFS 301E.

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Rising Imperatives
In Proceedings of SALT 28

Head-Based Syntactic Identity in Sluicing
Linguistic Inquiry doi:10.1162/ling_a_00308
"Just accepted" manuscript

A Reasonable Way to Proceed: Essays in Honor of Jim McCloskey
Edited with Jason Merchant, Line Mikkelsen, and Kelsey Sasaki
eScholarship PDF

Uncertainty and Persistence: A Bayesian Update Semantics for Probabilistic Expressions
Journal of Philosophical Logic 47(3) 365-405
Online-Readable Version
JPL webpage

Identity and Interpretation: Syntactic and Pragmatic Constraints on the Acceptability of Sluicing
Joint work with Margaret Kroll
In Proceedings of NELS 47
Preprint PDF

Deriving a Variable-Strength Might
In Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 20
Local PDF

The Semantics of Corrections
In Proceedings of WoLLIC 2016
Joint work with Karl DeVries, Karen Duek, Kelsey Kraus and Adrian Brasoveanu
Penultimate draft
Springer volume

Downloadable Manuscripts

Intonational Commitments
Draft of January 2019

A Pragmatic Solution to the Problem with Might
Draft of November 2017

Downloadable Handouts

Assessor-Relativizable Predicates
Talk given at Subjectivity in Language and Thought
Joint work with Phil Crone

Scalar and Non-Scalar Implicatures of Might and Some
Talk given at CUSP 8